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Startel SM+ Training Tutorials

So you’ve installed the Startel Secure Messaging Plus (Startel SM+) app to your preferred SMS device as HIPAA Hi-Tech Regulations require in order to continue to receive your text messages securely from us.

But you’re still not entirely sure how to use it, or you’d like to learn more about its features, right?

Physicians First Messages has been listening to those of you who’ve asked for detailed instruction on your new secure app. And now aside from scheduling one-on-one time with our supervisors, we’ve got something even easier for you.

PFMI is ready to help you learn the ins and outs about your new app with this set of training tutorials from Startel. All you have to do is choose which kind of device you’re using, iOS/Apple or Android, and watch that specific set of videos. There are 4 in each series.

The best part? You can watch the tutorials, which only run a few minutes long, on your own schedule, any time, from anywhere.

And we’re always here should you need more assistance.

iOS/Apple Device Tutorials

Android Device Tutorials

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